Back, bigger & better

Due to the popularity of the first Webbisauna in December 2014 (all thanks to you folks), we decided to make Webbisauna vol. II even more awesome.

Following the traditional TreWeb style, in addition to the primary track for announced speakers, we have another cozy room where anyone can have a presentation without signing up in advance.


15:00 Registration & coffee
16:00 – 20:00 Superb talks
20:00 – 24:00 Sauna, beer, good times


Ember JS: An SPA Framework for the Rails guy

Antti Loponen

Full Marshall stack web developer

ClojureScript for JavaScript developers

Juho Teperi

Juho Teperi is a programmer at Metosin and an enthusiastic Open Source contributor. Juho has a background in JavaScript but has been working mostly with Clojure(Script) for last two years.

Effective use of a CDN

Antti Siiskonen

Antti Siiskonen is the CTO of Alma Mediapartners Oy which is a part of Alma Media’s Marketplaces division. Antti has more than 15 years of experience in software development ranging from embedded systems to high volume web sites.

React Native for Web Developers

Jukka Tupamäki

Entrepreneur, tech coach and software engineer at Lemanse Oy. On the React boat since 2013.

What's so special about Elm

Ossi Hanhinen

Building apps for browsers to run and users to enjoy.

The Venue

Webbisauna II takes place at Hatanpään Soutupaviljonki, close to the city center of Tampere. There will be one track for announced speakers and another, smaller room for shorter presentations and general chillout. In addition, the venue is equipped with a sauna and an outdoor hot tub to keep you warm. If the arguments heat up too much, Pyhäjärvi welcomes you to its loving embrace for a quick dip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring my own towel?
No. There will be towels for everyone.
Will there be separate sauna turns for men and women?
Yes, the schedule will be published sooner or later.
Can I find the old Webbisauna 2014 materials somewhere?
Yes, check the archived web page.
Where can I find the code of conduct?